Hi guys today i will show you an amazing video of an amazing ballerina I discovered 1 year ago she is amazing!

Her name is Alba Egido and she has got a channel shared with her sister Andrea. They make a lot of interesting, funny and unbelievable videos!

But Alba has also got her own channel which is called “PIECE OFME”

In the channel shared with her sister they posted a video of her dancing and when I saw it I was like “OMG! She is incredible!

That why I decided to share with you that video.

HERE IT IS! (Channel)

But there is a problem Alba an Andrea make their videos in Spanish.

But it is worth it.

I hope you liked the video and see you soon!



HEY! Today we’re going to see how to make up ourselves for a festival, performances or something related. Let’s do this!

First we’re going to hidratate our skin with any lotion,


Then we are going to put some concealer in the places that we considerate we’ve got imperfections,


Now we’re going to apply foundation in all our face and using a brush we must blend it all.


Now let’s start with the eyes:

First we’re going to put a concealer on our eyelid to make our glance more iluminated, then we’re going to put a bronze eyeshadow in all our eyelid and blend it all with a brush, now we are going to put a darker eyeshadow in the socket (a brown one) and then we must put a darker one in the external part of the eye (this step and the previous one are going to be recreated with the same brush; it must be a hairy and medium size one)

Now is time to make our eyeline, we’ll need a water proof eyeliner to prevent ( if we sweat)  and we’ll start on the centre part of the eye and next we’ll take our line to the corner of the eye and we’ll do a vertical line looking towards our eyebrow. Then we’ll do the eyeline in the down part of the eye with some black eyeshadows and we must blend it.

Our eyebrows can be also make up! We just need some brown eyeshadow and brown brows gel, we’ll fill the gaaps in your eyebrows and to brush them with the gel.

Next we just  need to put some lashes and some mascara and our eyes are done!



Let’s do some counturing!

We’re going to take some highlighters, bronzers, and blushes.

First we’ll put the blush in the cheeks, above this we’ll put some higlighter and below the blush we’ll put some bronzer. Then we’re going to blend this all with a big and hairy blush. Also we can put some highlighter in the cupid arch and in the nose.





This time we’re going to use a red matte lipstick and we just have to put it in our lips like we usually do.


We have finished! I hope you have enjoyed it! See you soon!




BALLET is a specific form of dance.


Acoording to periods, countries and the performance it could include: dance, mime, theatre, people and mechanism.

Ballet is a form of dance whose movements are based in the total control and also absolute of the body, the one it must be learnt since early age. It’s recommended to start at 5-6 or even 7 years because of ballet is discipline which requires capability for the effort as a way of life and also a lot of concentration. Although there are exceptions. But you know that with effort all is posible.

In ballet unlike the others styles it participates invariably arms and hands, feet, knees, head; in general almost the hole body. To make ballet “cooler” we must considerate we must to have musicality, coordination, flexibility, and all those things related, quite good.


I hope you liked it!



Hi guys today I want to talk with you about about my hobbies.

Today we’ll talk about dance.

I’ve been dancing for 8 years and a half. The first time I went to a dance class I was so much nervous I was shivering because I didn’t know how it would be.

But when I left the class I was so excited, we did so many different and amazing things. We tried to do some spagats and we were warming up in a funny way and we heart much classical music. I won’t never forget it.

Two days later I went to the same class but with different children and teachers.

Instead of doing a ballet class we did a flamenco one and I really liked it. I got on in a special type of heels and I was like “Oh yeah! I’m so cool!” We started warming up and then we stamped and did som typical flamenco exercises. I was so happy!

Since then I’ve dance with so much thrill.


That’s all. I hope you tiked it!



Hi every one my name is Paula and I am here to show you how easy is to learn all about dance. In this web I am going to show you:

  • How I take care of my pointe shoes,
  • How to do a perfect make up for the actuations,
  • How to warm up your feet,
  • How to bandage your toes,
  • Some exercises for pointes,
  • And we will talk about the international day of dance, too.

I hope you liked it so much.


See you soon.       XOXO.